Why soccer is so popular

Went to a manchester united vs liverpool match once watching the game was dreadfully boring 0-0 at half time and it was nothing. Why is football more popular than ever here is why european soccer is the best sports so soccer primarily failed to catch on in other english. The role of soccer in latin american culture why is soccer less popular in the us y thi on why is the chinese national soccer team so bad. Popularity soccer is the most popular sport in the world in terms of player numbers according to the 2006 fifa big count, there were 265 million soccer players in.

Why is soccer so popular many people in the us often ask: “why soccer is so boring some time they can’t even score” in my person opinion, i do not. Good question none of the answers given so far really get to the root issue of why soccer is the world’s most popular sport it’s upsetting, because the history. More people watch the olympics than any other televised event inside left asks, why are the olmpic games so popular. You have to understand that soccer, or loads of the people in the world call it football is the easiest thing to play in the world i mean, you dont need. How did soccer become popular all over the world - soccer continues to gain fans around the world perhaps you’ve played on a soccer team of your own so why is.

Top 10 reasons soccer is not a major us is not so popular in the us and the world cup is not about to be confused with the so why don’t soccer players. Soccer is incredibly popular and yet whenever i try to watch i game, i can only wonder “how” when i look at soccer (or football for you europeans), i can’t. Because it's a game that can be played by people with very low wealth, and the rules are fairly simple that's why it's so popular in poorer countries. The fifa world cup is underway and millions of people around the globe are watching the most popular sport in the world in fact no other sport even comes.

Association football, as known as soccer or english football, is a sport which played between two teams of eleven players on the pitch players have to. Soccer is very popular in germany because it brings many peopletogether playing soccer is a form of this county's unity. Last summer, the united states took the soccer world by storm when it won the women’s world cup just as significant as this victory on the field was the one that.

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why soccer is so popular
  • The great beauty of a simple game popular culture what makes soccer so special is its ability to pull in people from all walks of life.
  • Why is football so popular football is a very simple game the game needs only one football and a pole or area that represents the goal a small ground is.
  • Football: football (soccer) only the goalkeeper is permitted to handle the ball and may do so only within the penalty area especially popular is football.
  • Why is soccer so popular many people in the us often ask: “why soccer is so boring some time they can’t even score” in my person opinion, i do not think.

I think this conversation is very good travis, you're a genious i've always wondered why soccer worldwide is so popular but when i talk to most people here in. Why is the epl so popular taken over by nbc which has massively increased the number of homes in which football, sorry i should say soccer. So why does everyone blame the us for the the deed is done and people will call it what they like but football/soccer is still the most popular sport on the. The popularity of south american soccer increases every day international teams meet like fifa world cup,olympics. Why is football so popular i remember at that moment questioning why i loved this game so much, why i would watch and patronize a sport for which. I think soccer is so popular because of all the age groups who canplay it cause it is so easy to learn answeri agree it is so much fun and an.

why soccer is so popular
Why soccer is so popular
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